“You know I’ll be standing by

To help you with your worries.

Nor more sadness, no more sorrow,

And no more bad times.”

– Canadian National Anthem (or at least it SHOULD be…)

How was Canada 150, Canada Day 2017, for you? Did you have fun, and get some sun? Hang with friends, maybe a hit a Barbeque, then head downtown for some fireworks? Maybe have a drink, or two, or seven, or…?

Wait, you do remember? Don’t you?

No, no, I was just joking, this isn’t one of those “shame on you and me and everyone for having fun”-type articles. But it’s not all jokes, though.

We spend a lot of time in Vancouver, being that we’re based out of the city, but it helps give us a perspective on this country, and a lot of where it came from, plus a little of where it may be headed, take it as you may. It’s very cool to see people from all walks of life living together, working together, eating/sleeping/loving/dying together, in as much peace as we can get in this world, and maybe more than to which we’re entitled. As much as this may be the kind of place where a real “one-world” society and frame of mind can prosper, the population has to want and work for it if it has any chance of becoming reality.

And they don’t. At least, they don’t act like it. How often do you hear the phrase, “I hate people”? Usually tossed off casually, but that’s quite a thing to say. People, like ALL people? How could you, you haven’t even met them!

If you’re a working band on the road, you DO. And they’re beautiful, in their own way, every one of them. Be they other bands, or new (or old!) friends at shows, or maybe just someone you have a conversation with while your waiting for the van to finish filling, you meet them all. Really, I’ve never been more convinced that Music is THE international language, whether it’s clear across the continent, or at home in your own city.

It’s funny for us as we’ve always kind of been associated with being a Vancouver band, however none of us are actually from Vancouver (which is something I feel A LOT of Vancouver bands can relate to).  That doesn’t make anyone of anything worth less or more, but a good, healthy music scene CAN be as a country SHOULD be: differing styles, differing groups; those same groups made up of differing people from differing origins, differing cities. When those groups, however stylistically separated, can make one great rock show, with other bands supporting out front, letting them know they’re valuable, that their contribution is not ignored, then you have that happening every night, in different venues all around the city, artists switching between audience and performer so often that it all blurs together, the crowd becoming every bit as essential and compelling as whoever may be onstage, all working toward some beautiful moment that, if you blink, you just might miss…that’s a community, working towards a common goal: peace and friendship. That’s what we should be striving for, not just in music scenes around the city, or the province, or the country, but the country itself.

Canada 150 was a celebration of the last 150 years of Confederation, and the peoples who, countless years/decades/centuries before, had called this  humble nation home. That said, Canada 150 should also be seen as a promise, a vow, for the next century-and-a-half, to set an example for the world, live together, grow together, shake hands, share lands, and take care of business.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Step Up. Sign Up. Keep Up.

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